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2018年の当選者はGrieshaber Danil (チケット番号 326) さんです、おめでとうございます!さて2019年は誰が当選するのでしょうか!?


The Terms

  • By entering the draw and subscribing, you have the opportunity to win a Handpan of your choice (see to the left).

  • You ARE allowed to obtain more than one ticket at one time!

  • The next draw will be made on the 1st July 2019.

  • A maximum of 100 entrees can be made per month (due to the service provider) so act accordingly.

  • When you complete the form to the left, your name and details will be entered into our excel sheet and be given a number based on your position.

  • When the draw is made on 1st July 2019, a number will be picked at random (using an online random number generator) and a winner will be chosen.

  • The winner will win his/her Handpan of choice to be produced and delivered just like any of NovaPans' other orders. The winner may also be able to change his/her original choice of handpan later.

  • All contenders, regardless of whether they win or not, will remain subscribed to NovaPans, which offers exclusive discounts and updates. 

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